About Us

Table Mountain. Cape Town

The Beginning

               Arcqos was founded by Adam Olivas in 2018 after over 18 years of aggressively exploring the globe and immersion in the travel experience. Born of his passion for parts unknown, love for all things outdoors and a relentless pursuit of the next great trip, Arcqos came to life. 

               By the age of 36, Adam had visited 43 countries on 5 continents for work and leisure, experiencing the extremes that global travel has to offer. With business and pleasure that took him to the most distinguished locations as well as the forgotten, he found balance in his travel to destinations with more of an outdoor and wildlife focus. 

               Combining the attention to detail developed in extensive international business cultures and meticulous planning with an emphasis on luxury, quality and security, Arcqos brings an unmatched new service to the adventure travel industry. We look forward to serving you as your Outdoor Concierge.

Path to Maclear's Beacon. Cape Town.

What we do

               Arcqos is a comprehensive, end-to-end administrative and logistical planning and management service for the outdoor and adventure travel industries. Simply stated, we are your Outdoor Concierge. 

               We only send clients to outfitters, guides, hosts and destinations that have passed our rigorous due diligence process to qualify as one of our service providers. Our clients work hard to afford the luxury of high-end outdoor travel. Our duty to them does not stop with the trip selection process. We are there every step of the way providing critical, unique and luxury services all the way until everyone is back home and all souvenirs from the trip are as well. 

               Every trip is unique, as are its travelers. We build your trip for you and ensure it offers you and your companions everything you seek along the way. Adventure should be reserved for the moments you've sought to enjoy it, not the planning process, transit problems or an unsavory surprise at your destination. At Arcqos we strive for perfection in planning and coordination. Every trip. 

Wood River. Alaska Range.

How to plan your trip with us

               If you are considering an outdoor travel experience in the future, we ask that you consider the value of assurance that your hard earned trip meets your expectations of luxury, quality and security. Our selection process for all locations, service providers and events onsite is second to none. We don't send a client anywhere or with anyone that we aren't extremely comfortable in doing so. Most of our trips planned for clients are with people we know well and to places we've been. If you are seeking to travel to a place we've never been, we apply our due diligence process with even greater intensity and will not send you there if we cannot provide you with our standard of service.

               To get started, simply let us know what you have in mind. We take care of the rest.